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Goddess Kali is the Hindu Goddess associated with death, destruction, time, change, rebirth, regeneration and ultimate liberation. She is black and violent in her manifestations in the sense that she destroys anything that stands in the path of creative and generative change. She destroys the self focused ego and so does she destroy the structures represented by the self focussed ego.

Kali - Creator and Destroyer Art by Christian Frederiksen The Goddess Kali has a fierce and frightening aspect. Within the essence of the Goddess there are.

Temple of Scintillating Sights

The Mystic Art of Hakan HISIM. Deep inner realms of the Sacred and Divine consciousness manifested into the digital domain.

Kali, annihilation aspect of Sakti, standing on Rati and Kama

Chinnamastā, one of the Mahavidyas, 10 Tantric goddesses aspect of Devi…

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Kali is the Hindu Goddess of death and violence but also of sexuality and motherly love. I find that contradictory, do Hindus find it logical?

Kālī | काली | Freedom from fear

Goddess Kali-Merciful to good person's & Malevolent to evil & bad person's