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EVERY girl should read this!!! Seriously, this is so powerful.

EVERY girl needs to read this! Seriously, this is so powerful because every girl knows this is the guy we deserve!

I love you more today than yesterday and I'll love you more tomorrow than today...

I love you Elaina! I missed you so so much today. I'm praying for you! I can't wait to see you tomorrow! I love you with all my heart beautiful Elaina! Your so beautiful in every way! I love you Elaina.

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I literally just told someone this, this morning. Well, most of it. He don't come home to me. We have separate homes. (:

You are patient with encourage amaze mean the world to complete alway impress take care of surprise are home to Me

YOU are so perfect Baby!! I Love YOU so incredibly much!! YOU do take my breath away! I Miss U so terribly bad! It has been a crazy & rough weekend..so wish you were in my arms! Up by myself with just my thoughts of U..of us!:-*:-*:-* Sweet Dreams! Please snuggle close baby, I need to feel U close against me! I'm aching & so lonely!! I Love YOU with ALL my Heart!!!!***

The word perfect pretty much sums up you. I never could grasp the meaning of "perfect"- until I met you. Suddenly the definition fell into place and my breath was taken away each moment I spent with you.

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Oh, how I wish I could see myself thru his eyes <3

If I could give you one thing on my life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then would you realize how special you are.

The cure for anything is you

♡♡♡My peaks today are you. You've kept me sane just by thinking about our future. My lows I have a headache and I'm stressed out, I feel just agitated. Just not feeling happy. The waiting and not knowing is just breaking me down day by day.

There is this guy who stole my ♥   He calls me his wife.

💞I love my husband so incredibly much! I'm so lucky & blessed to be his wife! I couldn't ask for a better husband!

I love every moment with you.

hersubmissiveangel: Even if it’s just a couple seconds with you beside me, it’s one of the best moments in my life, Mistress.