Harry potter

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Como se divide la sociedad en la mente de un lector.

I'm sorry, but I freaking love a Mean Girl meme that is Mean Girls quotes on something completed not Mean Girls. Also see the Disney and mean girls mash up it is perf

Harry Potter - Bloopers - YouTube

Must watch later>>Harry Potter - Bloopers. My Personal favs "Rupert.you shouldn't be laughing when you find out Harry is going to be killed by Snape." and "I can't get the bra off," said by Dan

Nymphadora Tonks and Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore!

Tonks and Dumbledore. Haha, because they both totally would<<< head cannon accepted

agh! That Ron. I love them together!!

100 Things You Didn't Know About Harry Potter Personally, I knew all but 29 of these. Awwww Ron and Hermione. love them. (But I love Draco+Hermione too.

Well, you can find just about anything in the yellow pages XD

Funny pictures about The Hogwarts Library Is A Lie. Oh, and cool pics about The Hogwarts Library Is A Lie. Also, The Hogwarts Library Is A Lie photos.

so Narnia created the kings and queens who turned out to be four of the greatest wizards who decided to make a school together...could everything I love please become this connected :)

It all makes sense now.

Disney NA - Narnia: It all makes sense now.Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders, and Lucy found Narnia first. I knew it all the time.

Seriously...I can't stop. Who are these Harry Potter/Mean Girls heroes...

mean girls meets harry potter. regina george would tear hermione apart