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doctor who series 9 quotes - there's a space because Clara wrote "And Remember Me" in a moment of longing and weakness, but changed her mind.

doctor who series 9 quote

Clara and Twelve. Quote. This part shattered my hearts.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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Clara to the Doctor-"Face The Raven".

"It’s just a way to hide your face." I think that's kinda sad but I get the idea behind it

Clara: Why don’t you like hugging, Doctor? The Doctor: Never trust a hug, it’s just a way to hide your face.

I am not a Dalek! Says the soufflé girl from Doctor Who

I am not a dalek! I am human! I am human!


Clara, The Doctor's Impossible Girl, the girl who saves Him. The girl who was born to Save The Doctor

Doctor Who quotes

We all are stories in the end. Just make it a good one. New year quotes. Tap on image for more inspiring quotes! Doctor who quote The Big Bang We are all stories in the end. Just make it a good one. New beginning quotes.

Welcome to America.

Its funny how he is a good guy from america in the British show. But the bad guy from hell/Britain in the American show. Mark sheppard everyone

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OUCH<<<that hurt like I fell off a building <<< watch till the end.

Some beautiful events. Yes. :: Doctor Who Art Print

"For some people small, beautiful events are what life is all about." - The Doctor (Doctor Who)

The Doctor + Clara Oswald... I sort of ship them but not really... they aren't my otp or anything... now that the doctor's regeneration is old I've stopped shipping them

The Doctor + Clara Oswald Quote