Triple Chocolate Cake Pops

Adorable idea for a shower or party: Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Cake Pops. They could easily be decorated with monograms, etc.

Cake pops

Rachel Allen’s cake pops recipe is a great way to use up leftover cake and favourite at kids’ parties

Easy and delicious chocolate fudge cake pops

Easy and delicious chocolate fudge cake pops (recipe

Triple Chocolate Cake Pops, photo by Lh2012

Components Unique recipe makes fifty eight cake pops Change Servings Makes servings US Metric Regulate Recipe (Assist) Grand Fudge Cake:

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake Pops  #cakepops #peanutbutter #chocolate

Chocolate and peanut butter-- a match made in Heaven. Learn to make chocolate peanut butter cake pops with this fully illustrated recipe guide.

BUTTERSCOTCH CAKE POPS (RECIPE): Butterscotch is not everyone's favorite flavor because of its richness but I personally love it!

Butterscotch cake pops

Butterscotch Cake Pops Are you ready for some butterscotch? hehe It just doesn't come off in writing the way I said it in my head. Think World Wrestling Federation, or whatever they call it thes.


5 Ways to Make Cake Pops for Grown-Ups