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Det rike livet i Drøbaksundet frister til båe fiskeing og dykking. Foto: Adreas Trøite.

Nature and environment


Découvrez comment notre système immunitaire combat les agressions à travers ces clichés microscopiques

Very devious - The common cold virus, constantly mutates to avoid detection. Just how totally viruses can overcome a healthy host is seen when an infected human cell ruptures, releasing a stream of new viruses (blue) into the system.

Human embryo in the eye of a needle. In case I needed a reminder of the miracle I carried within my body.

Embryo in the eye of a needle.shows how small that embryo really is! (Photo by Endless Forms Most Beautiful)

Eremittkreps - Aspondveggen

Eremittkreps - Aspondveggen

How cool they'll sound from under my couch when the cat bats them under there

Bluetooth Pea Pod Speaker System

Pea Speaker Background Music System: little bluetooth-connected speaker spheres all playing the same thing so that the music can be spread throughout the room!

Just in case you need a bear proof suit

In this feature-length documentary, Troy James Hurtubise goes face to face with Canada's most deadly land mammal, the grizzly bear. Troy is the creator of what he hopes .

Vyborg - the castle, bad weather, sunsets and flights 005

Vyborg - the castle, bad weather, sunsets and flights 005

Tuatara kind - creation.com

What is a tuatara?

These are sort of cute... for diseases...  More educational I guess

I think these are a brilliant idea for kids. They're called Giant Microbes. They're plush toys of microscopic cells, viruses, and bacteria!