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Image about black and white in disney - moana by vittras

Legends tell of the concubine who did not burn

Legends tell of the concubine who did not burn

Juliette ferrars ← pinned for that, because apparantly someone is in the same fandom! I love you stranger!

And so the Keeper had been plucked from the forest, only to be slowly dying from the poison of heartbreak.

Ethan "I trusted you, and you were the world to me. But I was never anything more than a quick fuck.


I should not care I should be over this Why are you still hurting me after all this time

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That's what a lot of Hummingbird Summer is about. But it's also about not just making it through. It's about living. Living fully, even when your world is falling apart.

" I recalled the scar on Oscar's wrist, the scars down Asten's back, and the scar across Addelai's lips. I recalled the scars littering Liam's face. "It's okay," I told her. "All the strongest people do.