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Deer with Magpies.. Richmond Park, London (by paulafrenchp)

Deer with Magpies (by paulafrenchp). Deer with bird blinkers

I don't know how many times I've told them I am not a tree.

Very strange picture! An elk lies on the ground resting while two lorises perch on its antlers. The loris is a slow moving and normally noctural animal that likes to climb.

Fawn and magpie, Montana

Fawn and magpie, Montana-This photograph reminds me of the animated pic of Bambi, only with a butterfly on his tail ;

Iowa Deer Classic The Greatest Trophy Whitetails in the County March 6-8 Hy-Vee Hall Des Moines, IA

I hate deer hunting! I cried when I saw an add for a game called deer hunting where you kill animals. I wish hunting didn't exist!

Chemin des Muguets: The White Deer of the Senecas

White deer of the Senecas, not albinos (they do not have red eyes), are a recessive form of white-tailed deer, the Seneca herd numbers about 200 animals and is the largest of its kind in the world, called 'Ghost deer' in Native American oral tradition


Previous pinned said- "Beautiful. how can men shoot and kill this amazing animals. It's our fault to begin with that they are starving, so now we just kill them off!

Beautiful buck!

Piebald deer have various amounts white and brown patches, some ranging from a very slight amount of white hair to almost an all white coat. Their coloration is due to a rare inherited genetic variation (defect) that.

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A Giant Surprise A Giant Surprise A wild Albino Whitetail Buck in velvet sneaking through the woods. To see more wild albino whitetail.