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Tiara composed by a set of three Portuguese 18th century foiled topaz hair combs set in silver. Silver frame of later date (minor wear signs). Diam.: 16 cm. 70 g

Tiara composed by a set of three Portuguese century foiled topaz hair combs set in silver. Silver frame of later date (minor wear signs).

Você tem um sonho tiara?

Marie Poutine's Jewels & Royals: Floral and Leafy Diadems. The various elemnts are mounted with tiny springs (the technique called "en tremblant". This results in the tiara being seemingly alive, because the pieces tremble, as the wearer moves.

Tiara de Garland Regalo del Rey Alfonso XII a la Reina Victoria Eugenia  Cartier Paris, 1920. (Pertenece a la Casa Real de España)

El Arte de Cartier in Madrid, Vogue Paris

SPAIN_Cartier, Paris tiara which was made to order for Queen Victoria Eugenie of Spain in It is platinum, set with round antique and rose-cut diamonds and eight pearls. Via Diamonds in the Library.

Baden Tiara, Germany (made by Cartier; diamonds). Once belonged to Princess Hilda of Nassau, Grand Duchess of Baden (1864-1952). http://royals-and-quotes.tumblr.com/post/84244376740/tiara-tuesday-the-baden-tiara-baden-tiara

The Baden Tiara Baden Tiara, Germany (made by Cartier; Once belonged to Princess Hilda of Nassau, Grand Duchess of Baden.

Natural pearl, cultured pearl and diamond tiara of foliate scroll design, the 7 fleurets set throughout with circular-cut diamonds & cultured pearls to a line of similarly cut diamonds. The principal fleuret set with a circular-cut diamond weighing 1.54 carats & supporting a bouton-shaped natural pearl , a detachable two row of cultured pearls and diamond extension to be worn as a necklace

A diamond and pearl festoon tiara necklace combination, with five large diamond foliate scroll motifs each topped with button pearls, and two smaller terminals, and button pearls scattered throughout, on a band of diamonds

Antique Tiara, The Netherlands (ca. 1895; made by B.C. Reese & Sons; diamonds, gold, silver).

Gold, silver, and rose cut diamonds by Dutch jeweler BC Reeser & Sons. 'It is performed in the neo-Louis XVI style, with addtl frames to convert the tiara to a necklace, brooches and hair ornaments.

pearly, cameo tiara. perfection. this is what i'll wear when i marry prince harry.

Cameo headpiece - brass leaves and filigrees, mother of pearl, ivory glass pearls, Swarovski crystals .

An Edwardian diamond tiara, circa 1905, of lyre and foliate scroll design

An Edwardian diamond tiara, circa A lovely lyre and foliate scroll design…

Diademi e gioielli reali. | da La Venaria Reale

Created for the first Duchess of Aosta, Italy by Musy. Now could be in possession of one of the daughters of the last King of Italy, Maria Gabriella of Savoy. Convertible to a necklace.


Belle Epoque tiara, convertible into necklace, typical of the period, pearls, diamonds. Should be called The Exclamation Point Tiara!


A large early diamond combe set with twenty-four diamond pinnacles, with a central floral diamond cluster

Created in 1936 by Cartier, the Halo Scroll tiara was purchased by Prince Albert for his wife, the Queen Mother Elizabeth, who only wore it a few tines.After ascending the throne,as Queen Mother she had Access to the Royal vaults (and the spectacular tiaras inside)So,she gifted the Halo to her daughter (and future queen) Elizabeth on her 18th birthday.Queen Elizabeth has never worn it publicly,instead lending it to her sisters to enjoy.

Bridal Styles Boutique replica of Princess Kate's Cartier Scroll Tiara, halo tiara inspired, royal bridal tiara

A close up of Lady Delia's diamond tiara,courtesy of SWNS News

The Edwardian tiara, festooned with more than 800 diamonds, was given to Lady Delia by her father, the sixth Earl Spencer, on the day of her wedding to Sir Sidney Peel in