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Coke float - my grandma use to tell me when I was way younger with a broken heart that a rootbeer float would cure a heart ache♥

Old Fashioned Coke Float - A scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream and Coke. Or you could make it healthier, and use Diet Coke. Maybe even Vanilla Ice Cream made with Splenda. However you do it, A Coke Float is a yummy summer drink!

Drink Coca-Cola -- it cures headaches and relieves exhaustion.

Coca-Cola advertising 1886 – 1899 This was when coke had 'coke' in it. It was a cure all back then

Vida real. Vida virtual  Anuncios para la reflexión del equipo de WhybinTBWATequila  para la empresa Stihl .

I am against video games. We do not allow these in our house and our kids can't play them at their friends' houses. Outdoor play is the best. Use your imagination, muscles and fight childhood obesity.

Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 la famosa: zapatilla que se amarra sola

Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 la famosa: "zapatilla que se amarra sola"

Ruffian - she was beautiful and amazing... she was all heart and Ruffian also had the great bloodlines of Nearco in her veins, the undefeated Italian champion

the best girl race horse that has ever lived. she is a power full but yet kind and pretty horse that i will remember for all my days. she will all ways have a special place in my heart.

whiskey coke

reminds me so much of the fun times, in Ireland! sitting in a pub, watching football {soccer}, enjoying the company of friends and drinking a jack coke. be-strong-in-love: jack and coke! (I wish!

Sisters Warehouse: Coca Cola Vintage Advertisings

"The ideal brain tonic" with Hilda Clark (from - Coca Cola! Love it, wish I had one now 'cause my brain could sure use the tonic!