Coca-Cola Light collaborated with Roberto Cavalli in 2008 and created these gorgeous bottles

15 Creative Coca-Cola Bottle & Can Designs - coca cola bottles, can of cola

And in these three Coca-Cola Light bottles were designed by fashion designer by Roberto Cavalli:

Chaque jour, 1.5 milliard de bouteilles de Coca-Cola sont vendues dans le monde. Rien que ça. Après notre top des prochains coca et le top des meilleures affiches de pub, Petite sélection des designs

Top 39 des bouteilles et canettes de Coca-Cola au design original ou rétro

For the bicentennial

For the bicentennial

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Coca Cola's Easter campaign, limited edition bottles, Australia 2007

COCA COLA Illustrations for Coca Cola's Easter campaign, limited edition bottles and posters, Australia 2007

You can only get it abroad and it is so good!  Why are we so deprived?

Coca Cola "Tribute to Fashion" Limited Edition bottle designed by Karl Lagerfeld

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Crystallized Soda Bottles

Limited Edition Diet Coke Bottle Sparkles and Shines! The only reason why I would drink soda!