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live beautifully, dream passionately and love completely.

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When you love and laugh abundantly you live a beautiful life. Orange and pink beautiful background with cool typography. Inspirational and motivational positive quote about life. Save this for some inspiration later.


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Hendak ini dapat nya lain. Gunakan yang dapat itu dulu.mungkin yang nak akan dapat juga.

Takes Time//I am a patient person. but I hate having to be haha// Worth waiting for


She is going places, she just doesn't know where or when yet. ❤ This is me

"The secret to getting ahead is getting started" - Jasmine Dowling Typography .Guess we better actually get out of bed and to the gym then!

do what makes you #happy and be done with all the rest

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wonderful advice, and so simple! Just be happy.

I want a job where people admire my passion & heart. I want a life where I make a difference in other people's life. I want to help animals. I want to show the world my passions & my heart.


five simple rules for happiness: 1 free your heart from hatred 2 free your mind from worries 3 live simply 4 give more 5 expect less


But I believe good things happen everyday. I believe good things happen even when bad things happen. And I believe on a happy day like today, we can still feel a little sad and that's life, isn't it?

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Enjoy every moment. It's good advice. We have one life to live and we can't tell how long or short it'll be, so I guess we should fight for every moment.

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"Do What You Can" ~ Words by Theodore Roosevelt: Striking Truths

It's all about finding the calm in the chaos.

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