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Méchant Design: grey is velvet

grey is velvet

background to our page on script writing services? - tag line something like 'scripts don't write themselves'.even thought the letters seem to do so

ショッパーインスタレーション - Google 検索

Have students make modular pieces. Then decide what they can make out of it, in groups or individually. A modular wall made from paper pipes that encapsulates furniture

designeverywhere: Google Mural

Kate Moross is an art director from London. Aside from running Studio Moross she also does personal and commercial projects in design, illustration and moving image.

vmconverter: “8823dsn: “Pantone Rubik’s Cube ” これスゲー欲しいんだけどw ”

One can say whatever you like about the Pantone Cups, Nice, Fun or maybe to much. But the Rubiks Cube in Pantone colours. WOW, thats branding. Play On Pantone!

Nike : des flagships entre technologie et tendance

Nike : des flagships entre technologie et tendance

Typographie #10 : Un caractère créatif ! | Blog du Webdesign

Typographie #10 : Un caractère créatif !

Sheen by Greg Coulton, via Behance - I know I've already pinned some of these but this guy does incredible lettering

Annie Vought Christmas

Paper cut letters suspended by pins by Annie Vought - again we have this idea that the artist has created two different alphabets - the physical one she has made from paper in this case, and the one created by its shadow.

Holding Necklaces. Use one quote and diecut the words print onto cardstock or tiny wood bits. Hang necklaces, bracelets, hair ribbons. etc.

inspiration display - words on the wall This would be really interesting if we laser cut handwriting and pinned it to the wall. Initially I was thinking this could be for some kind designer list, but it could be utilized in other places too.