Best this! @Naomi Francois Francois Suko (sorry if it says Francois) we have to do this!

37 Impossibly Fun Best Friend Photography Ideas: With your hair. if there's a long time for getting ready images, could do on the bed!

Friends Fotoshooting - PicturePeople Fotostudios (How To Make Friends As A Teenager)

Totally cheesy but this would be cute to put at the front of an album (I have OODLES of shells somewhere...will have to dig them out for easy prop)

Nov 6 2017 Designer Holiday Card Collection

Love this photo idea! Sandwriting Draw your family name and the year in the sand, then decorate the sand-drawing with shells and other beachside treasures.

Artsy tumblr friends

Like the picture for best friends. I could use this for my bestie and I's pictures this summer.

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Great posing & composition for a best friends session.Dori and maddie photoshoot! Kinda cool but I would do it from a different angle, like closer to one wall.

This is so funny because of the double date were going on this weekend and we're going to probably end up ignoring the guys and just talking because let's admit it were way more fun than the guys.. And we need to discuss the shopping we did in the states

BFF No More

sure but allot of my friends are guys i mean what girl dose not have at least one guy friend.guy friends are awesome and girls friends are gossip. but we all need it anyway;) that is me and my Bff Skye