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Benjamin Franklin he assisted in writing the declaration of independence and he is on the $100 bill

Students will learn that money is an invention and see how Ben Franklin’s work as a printer demonstrates how he was an inventor and entrepreneur who also promoted the use of currency in the United States.


The 10 most underrated movies of 2013


Ted (2012)

Ted - Comedy, Fantasy - From the creator of Family Guy comes a movie about John Bennett, whose wish of bringing his teddy bear to life came true. Now, John must decide between keeping the relationship with the teddy bear or his girlfriend, Lori.

Giving a seesaw to an only child Worst Present EVER

It’s funny to reread your favorite children’s books as an adult. It’s like watching Shrek with your little cousins — you’re suddenly privy to all the grown-up jokes that are thrown in there. In revisiting the books you loved during childhood, you als

Good Will Hunting - 1997 : Matt Damon, Robin Williams.... Love this movie. This one should be in my top 10 list... bought DVD.. do not know how many times I have watched....just wanted to see the scene... "it's not your fault"...***

Good Will Hunting With Robin Williams, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck. Written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Directed by Gus van Sant.