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If I remember right she said the year before was Cedric.but it's been a while since I've read them so I may be completely wrong here

You can't convince me this didn't happen.

I wonder if anyone just--ignored the sorting hat. Just picked a house and refused to go to the one they told them to.

I swear this is how Dumbledore made half of his decisions in life

Unfortunately this isn't exactly true, JKR said that dumbledore hired Lockhart so that he could teach the kids what not to do rather than what to do, but the post is funny nevertheless

Harry you little shit

AND each of the marauders died protecting Harry. James died literally protecting him, Sirius died to go save him, Peter died allowing him to escape the prison, and Lupin died fighting with him at the Battle of Hogwarts. All of them died for Harry.

Close enough.

I love these AU's where Remus and Sirius raise Harry.Remus raises Harry AND Sirius. Harry introducing them to Ron and Hermione.your dads?" "Nah, they're like my uncles.

I don't know why, but I'm finding a lot of funny HP pins today. XD

I'm no wadjet part 42

It took 7 years to find his weakness? Dude would have been done in on day one if the Winchesters had been there.<<<sharing for comment

No, Harry would have the same amount of Voldemort in him as Voldemort since Harry was the last horcrux Voldemort made.

technically Harry would have had the same amount of Voldemort in him that Voldemort had because Harry was the last horcrux made


This makes me proud to be a Hufflepuff. Ironically, I'm REALLY good at hide and seek. I'm a ravenclaw but hufflepuff's can be amazing