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"How do you work this innate rebellion against tyranny born in the hearts of any normal human? You deftly set it aside. It’s either classified as historical information for a day gone by, or would-be-nice romanticism that’s really not for the real world. In effect, it’s being mocked as futile, but most would never recognize that." --Zen Gardner

Their manes are a wintry white Frosted with the glittering snow There backs are dappled light And shimmer with a frozen glow

Bucket List:  To see wild horses.

Oh my gosh, that blue roan is gorgeous. Wild Horses ~ Gran Sasso, Italy You don't here about the Italians killing their wild horses

Ok.....where's the rest of the team?

Budweiser Clydesdale in Colorado Snow. This looks like a great idea for a Christmas card with the family horses.