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THAT IS A DISGRACE TO PEEVES! He appeared one time in the very first movie. When they showed all of the ghosts entering the hall just before the sorting. He was the one waving his arms and cackling as he was gliding half way between the floors.

Harry Potter Facts Peeves the Poltergeist (a menacing poltergeist that taunts students at Hogwarts) appears in all seven books but not in any movies. I was so disappointed when he wasn't in the movies!

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So true! Twilight “werewolves” are not werewolves! Stephanie Meyer has said herself! Those are shape shifters. There is an older tribe called the children of the moon that are real werewolves.


Harry Potter Facts The cast was told that the Honeydukes candy was lacquer-coated, when in fact it wasn't, to prevent candy from disappearing between takes.

#hpotterfacts I've been wondering about this and I hope it's true! St. Hedwig!!!

Harry Potter Facts J. Rowling says she found the name for Hedwig, Harry's owl, in a book of saints. Saint Hedwig is the protector of orphan children.


Harry Potter Fact: George goes on to marry Angelina Johnson. They have two children, Fred and Roxanne

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Hermione would want more books. Emma heard Hermione & told Stephanie McMillan, the set director, who gladly took the suggestion to heart. Its so hermione of her.

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Harry Potter Facts Part 6

That number 2 fact is breaking my heart (Snape + Lily forever!) Now, if only I could figure out what had to happen for Harry/Hermione to occur.(NOT MY CAPTION BUT TRUE)

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Harry Potter Facts There is a note in the end credits of Goblet of Fire that reads: "No dragons were harmed in the making of this movie.

the cast of Harry Potter is the best

Harry Potter Facts The Great Hall set is large enough to hold 22 London double-decker buses. Its tables are covered with graffiti that the cast has added over the years, and its floor is made of real York stone.

So sweet!!

Harry Potter Facts - harry-potter Photo I cried when it happened in the book and in the movie, too.

TOO BAD!!! i would L.O.V.E to get icecream from his truck!

Then I will fly a plane over there just to get ice cream from Rupert!<<< he doesn't sell it. Instead he gives it out to kids who "look like they need ice cream" for free! What a sweetie!