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NO! Screw you, JK's husband!

My heart BREAKS from this because LUPIN is my FAVE character!

Aaaaand feels.

Dude this is so sad 😭 <<<for a second there I thought it was talking about Percy Jackson I was wondering why his last name was Weasley 😂

Ron was never annoying just a sweet, concerned older brother

Ron was never annoying just a sweet, concerned older brother. That and I feel like the reason he didn't like her snogging a whole bunch of guys is because it should be Harry, not Dean or anyone else.

This person has obviously read thr books numerous times in order to pick up on that, congratulations sir.

This person has obviously read the books numerous times in order to pick up on that, congratulations sir/madam.

September 2017 is the day Albus severus potter starts hogwarts

What if you found other fictional characters from the same world? And went on adventures trying to find your other companions (and enemies)!

That would be a good book where this guys reading a book and all the characters keep dying but they dhow upbin his life instead

ok so i am truly sorry for pinning this but, i feel as though i have to

no thats wrong, see they wouldve been around to fight FOR him bc they knew sirius would never do that and they would fight for him in a trial so that he wasn't wrongfully accused

the marauders - james and lily

the marauders - james and lily Yep, crying.

sirius and remus

Wow, sure this happened multiple times!


I totally ship canebrella.

Mauraders headcannon

Mareena was forced to go even though she hated them.


I've read the books and I had NO idea Neville had blond hair! But I think Matt Lewis did a FANTASTIC job being Neville in the movies, I wouldn't have asked for anyone else

I had to read it a couple of times to understand it, but basically it's saying that Tonks' mum was a Slytherin

We are not the evil ones. All houses had their share of bad apples - it's just always popular to hate one one group together.<<I myself am a Gryffindor but completely believe that slytherins aren't all evil.

You did this to yourself, Voldemort.

do horcruxes 😂

Welcome to the BBC. We have seventeen actors, five sets, and eight writers.

I love that they kept it in the family for series --- I didn't know adorable mini Sherlock was Louis Moffat!

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