My monthly habit tracker is one of the most visited pages in my Bullet Journal. I developed this tracker as a way to eliminate writing repetitive tasks on my daily pages. I love to look back on this tracker at the end of every month. It’s a great tool for self assessment and reflection.

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Bohoberry Bullet Journal Habit Tracker When you reach the end of your day, you sit down and fill in the boxes for the habits you did (or did not, depending on your set up) do.

Take your time creating a key that’s suited to your lifestyle. Use color to make the important stuff stand out. 23 Bullet Journal Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

Bullet Journal Weight Loss Tracker | 12 Layout Ideas You’ll Want to Steal for Your Bullet Journal - The ...

12 Layout Ideas You’ll Want to Steal for Your Bullet Journal

successaesthetics: “ Pretty happy with how my first habit tracker came out! And v proud of myself for making it a daily habit to exercise 💪🏽 Feeling so much better and more confident in my skin!

In addition to the gift guide, a wishlist would be a great idea.

Created a wish list and gift ideas spread. For when you think of the perfect present for someone and when it is time to buy a present for them you can no longer remember what it was. Great Gift List Ideas for bullet Journaling.

Bullet journal weekly layout spread

Bullet journal weekly layout spread, perfect for hourly schedule and other events or deadline