A Nordic Version Of Harry Potter || Vølurheim: Torbjørn Jotunhorn, Headmaster by Even Amundsen

A Nordic Version Of Harry Potter

Enormous male Dwarven wizard, what a character. What a beard! ArtStation - Torbjørn Jotunhorn, Even Amundsen

Banque d'Image Collective Avataresque - Page 2

Explorer scholar, steampunk / fantasy character inspirationGuibert du’Cormathie - Scholar in resident, Illance College. Expert in physiology and anatomy.

Earth Wizard by LunarRoseFX / http://lunarrosefx.deviantart.com/art/Earth-Wizard-156374553

Not sure about the mage, but i love the bird/butterfly electric magic thing.

Roi des orques                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

To sum up, an orc tribe that was on the rocks prayed to Gruumsh. In return they received the Sanguine Grail: an artifact that allows the orcs to, painfully, extract powers and knowledge from their victims.

Enchantment | Once Upon a Fantasy ༻ḯ༺ Concept Illustrations by Young-june Choi

Les fabuleuses peintures digitales de Young-june Choi

Winter Is Coming Illustration Winter Hunter Archer Warrior Fantasy Picture Image Digital Art Art

heliksos in Stunning Artworks by Wagner Bruno

m Cleric Wizard Robes Magic Book Incense Symbol hilvl heliksos in Stunning Artworks by Wagner Bruno

Кристиан де Тайлер

Hubert de Varkoorg, young man who is hero of every men, sacrificed himself in order to fight with dragon lords alone. He raised small army and fought inside depths of dwarven fortresses to save many people.