1948 Peterbilt DT344 COE flatbed

1948 Peterbilt DT344 COE flatbed

Dodge COE rollback. Sweet! this is perfect cummins turbo 6 , a crew cab might be a little better but wow

1957 Dodge COE rollback-bed is Sweet!

1947 Diamond T Panel Truck

1947 Diamond T Panel Truck

Old school Autocar.

Old school Autocar.


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International Harvester COE

International Harvester COE: Photo gallery, complete information about model .

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Old needlenose Pete done up with a custom sleeper. a pretty unique set-up and well done.


1960 Mack this is what I see in my mind when I hear phantom 309

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Sharp Freightliner Cabover I see this rig which is leased to RAM weekly running the corridor in Ca

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I really like this truck. Someone put a lot of time and effort into the details