Colours blend well together, Grey robot

NOVA 3 Psycher, wow the armature of this character is amazing, the colours blend well together, very well rounded character

1538702_620488808094123_1590608316310117343_n.jpg (683×960)

randomghost: “ “ bounty hunter bot by Asahisuperdry ” I love it when a piece of concept art makes me lean forward and say “woah.

concept robot - Buscar con Google

If you're a artist or just love all kind of strange creatures, you've to check the art of Tsvetomir Georgiev, an artist working for Aaron Sims Compan

Robit Merc by *david-sladek on deviantART

Robit Merc designed by *david-sladek - posted under Digital Art tagged with: Character, Drawings, Paintings & Airbrushing, Robots, Sci-Fi by Fribly Editorial

elysium concept art:

Design Concept Drawing - Unused Droid for the film Elysium by Christian Pearce


Audi Robot by Sadgas VFX: so Audi who& idea of robotics ends at automotive diagnostics is making commercials saying that their car is futuristic and high tech like a robot that can play violin. Wait a minute, didn& Toyota already do that?

braço de robot anime - Pesquisa Google

ICHIDO Heavy armor guard by ~Reza-ilyasa on deviantART -- possible robot or armor in a setting