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Wolf Angels Shared Sleepy Firefly Photo

My heart is a wolf ruled by two moons one which beckons me back into the night, the other is calling me home. ~Maza-Dohta This one is my fav

Cynthie Fisher Wolf Pack Picture MOONLIGHT SERENADE

Cynthie Fisher Moonlight Serenade

In the art print MOONLIGHT SERENADE by Cynthie Fisher a howling wolf pack seems to have awakened a spirit up in the starry moonlit sky who joins in the wintry chorus. This print is available in an unf

Animals Up Close: The Wolf Pittsfield, MA #Kids #Events

the moon has always impressed me and was involved in the most beautiful moment in my life and wolves represent fierce devotion which Is a huge deal to me

Best Photos of the Week - Part 2 (86 Photos 3 gifs)

Best Photos of the Week - Part 2 (49 Photos)

Beautiful white wolf in the snow. It looks like Ghost from Game of Thrones. Just a beautiful creatur.

Wolf Quote

I LOVE Wolves~ ! They are Misunderstood by Many which I find Very Disturbing. Long Live This Beautiful Majestic Soul .