@taylorbekkum is beautiful :)

My best friends are beautiful love you guys! >> so true!>> my best friend is more than beautiful!

Yep. That is me and my besties :) @Jordan Greenhalgh @Leiah Worthington

That is me and my besties :) Janette Nolt, Amanda Martin, Allison Burkholder, and Stephenie Martin!

I don't really fight with my best friends. We ALL know we are imperfect and we WILL make mistakes. We handle things like adults and that is what I LOVE most about them. They do expect anything from me, they don't use me but the do Love me, encouraging me, lift my spirits up and help build me into the woman I am today. I am so Grateful for the crazily beautiful group of women.

Makayla is probably the only girl in the world that this statement is beyond true when it comes to our friendship!

Best friends? Well, I guess you COULD call us that, but I think we are more like SISTERS.

best friends quote that we shortened to "Best Friends, I guess you could call us sisters!