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Even though I don't ship Thorbo, this is really cute.

<<<<< Thorin owns a huge golden harp. And plays it well<<<<This artist is amazing and I love their style even if I don't ship thilbo

« Never realized how sad this scene actually is Did you ever realize that his wife probably sacrificed herself to save Legolas? That he maybe meant that… »

I really want to smack Tauriel for her insult. And what more annoying is his own son defending her *facepalm* then leaving him eventhough his composure already shattered :(((( Cruel Little-leaf

Seriously, though. What the crap, Thranduil?

I brought my whole army here just to tell you nope. You could have sent a letter, Thranduil

I know that last scene of his was just to connect to the first trilogy, but I still enjoyed finally seeing him soften up and actually have a fatherly moment with Legolas, even if it was a sad one.

hobbit Thranduil has his priorities right <---- I want to hug the king. so very badly. i wanna tell him he's not alone even after Legolas and the others are gone. wish i could bring back his wife and make him smile again.



Thranduil. Battle of the Five Armies - ok so he is not a typical destination but he is something beautiful to see!

Thranduil, son of Oropher, was an Elven king who ruled over the Woodland Realm in the Second and Third Ages.