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Sometimes when you smile you're dying on the inside

This is so true. On the of November can all self hammers please wear a black ribbon around their wrist to raise awareness for self harm? Depression and anxiety sucks.

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I think I needed to see this to confirm I can't let the spirit of doubt or procrastination keep me from writing. This is such an infj thing. A whole world inside but a fear of acceptance or understanding.

yes...and i have a test today

--my eyelids are heavy but my thoughts are heavier-- c.o, "the dead of night" absolute poetry ❤

--even the prettiest things in life end up dying-- kw

"Isn't it sad how even the prettiest things in life end up dying? Stars, flowers, love in some cases, and even the people we want here the most. Nothing lasts. And that is a very sad thing.

D.  The one thing I miss most about you is your laugh. Your eyes and smile come second. I think you used to like my laugh. Even though it was loud and you had to shush me every now and again. I can still hear your laugh echoing in the memories that still remain. I wonder if you remember mine.  T.

"everytime she laughs she hopes he's watching hoping that he will fall for her smile just as hard as she fell for his" he has a beautiful smile.

Oh my gosshhh this is the most beautiful thing I have ever read in my whole entire life... I am not even kidding

Oh my gosshhh this is the most beautiful thing I have ever read in my whole entire life. I am not even kidding<<<Literally one of my favorite poems, hands down.

me in a

I am pieces of quotes from my favorite books stitched together by song lyrics and I am glued together by midnight conversations and the sweet taste of coffee and I have this tendency to fall apart suddenly

holy shit, as emo as it is, this...right here...this is basically it right now...&& i cant pretend its not...and im over it.......yup.

holy shit, as emo as it is, this.this is basically it right now.&& i cant pretend its not.and im over it.

Silly girl, you just dont love yourself | Hopeless | Depressed | Doubt | Love

she's so beautiful yet so sad always saying no one will ever love her, and yet when somebody tells her that they love her she runs and hides silly girl, they love you, you just don't love yourself.