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45 Astonishing Examples of Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Full sleeve flowers Tattoo of bright Japanese cherry blossom flowers with black and white shaded swirls and waves cresting background. Love these colors and the design of this sleeve. So pretty!

Awesome Japanese Tattoo

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26 Amazing Body Artwork Pictures That Will Make you want to Get a Tattoo Right Away Photo. This tattoo is amazing.

Again I love the look of the red with the black and greys. Tim Kern

skeleton key and heart lock tattoo design. want some sort of key and lock possibly half sleeve?

Nice pop of color on this one

We always appreciate inked girls and we love female colorful sleeve tattoos especially.

koi tattoo by King Carlos

15 Colorful Koi Fish Tattoo Designs

Japanese Dragon Koi Fish Tattoo Designs, Drawings and Outlines. The inspirational best red and blue koi tattoos for on your sleeve, arm or thigh.