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Neil Young Not only one my few favourites but my favourite handsomest one.

Neil Young, 1971.

Photos: Two Classic Takes on Neil Young

Joel Bernstein, Neil Young at Home, Northern California 1971 gelatin silver print

Neil Young!!!

Neil was one of my mother and fathers' favourite singer/musician. He was around 1969 that was his prime, he was the olden day trouble maker.

Neil Young Although Neil Young has lived in Northern California on a ranch in La Honda since the 1970s, he has always retained his Canadian citizenship. He also has homes in Florida and Hawaii. He still loves Canada. He just doesn’t ever have to shovel snow from his porch or driveway

I wanna live, I wanna give, I've been a miner for a heart of gold - Neil Young

Neil Young of the Buffalo Springfield

A very young Neil Young playing one of his familiar Gretsches with the Buffalo Springfield.