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Words with Friends, do you think we CARE if you think timey isn't a word? Ha, that would be a big, fat NO.

EXCUSE ME, next thing you tell me is gonna be that Tardis is not an acceptable word

Doctor Who

Whovians tend to have an abnormal reaction to normal, random objects<<< I'm scared of angel statues and gas masks now :(

Doctor Who

Soo accurate and soo me, I think I've even made that exact facial expression. I'm literally snorting I'm so much fangirling right now

Stormageddon Dark Lord of All.

I like how he looks kind of offended, like how could you not know I speak baby! So funny! Stormageddon Dark Lord of All as translated by Matt Smith Doctor Who

gif sissy...  way cool  Late night? No sleep? This'll help! - Imgur

scariest GIF ever. looks like I won't be sleeping tonight.

but seriously, be safe my fellow peoples.

I make doctor who memes now. Doctor who memes are cool.<< omfg yes not even going to change it XD<< LOVE IT!


Matt Smith as an Uncoordinated cat. 12 is a grumpy cat, don't mess up the pattern.

Lol so true

Love doctor and donna's friendship. This is one of my favorite Doctor/Donna moments.

And that my friends is how you get a Dalek to identify itself. <<< Can't delete that sass!

Funny pictures about Daleks vs. Oh, and cool pics about Daleks vs. Also, Daleks vs.

things according to the tenth and eleventh doctors

Doctor Who: I'll do a thing.what thing?I don't know, it's a thing in progress. Respect the thing. It's What The Doctor Does Best

David Tennant of Doctor Who giving a hungry Dalek a Snickers bar LOL!!

The Ultimate Snickers Commercial

So is that the solution, then? Give all the Daleks Snickers? Star wars and doctor who crossover

Doctor Who with Harry Potter Reference. AH-MAZING. :D <3 <3 <3 Combing two of my favorite things!!! :D

So there is a Harry Potter reference in a Shakespeare episode of Doctor Who.<------two, actually, Martha:"like Harry Potter or something?" Doctor:"wait till you read book seven, ohhhh I cried!