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Sorry for the first bit, but funny

"Well that's what girls do" also glad I'm not the only one measuring in calculators

Too soon

Beethoven being deaf jokes are probably my favorite thing.Probably shouldn't laugh.

Omg hahaha

This is terrible. But I can't stop laughing.<I can't stop laughing and in supposed to be asleep hopefully I don't get caught hahahahahhaha

<3 i ship this, turns out, i ship alot of people at midnight

what to do when random people come into your house ==> I wish this would happen to me

Shark week

Shark week

I did this my freshman year XP we use Shark Week as a euphemism for periods too. And one of the boys that lived in my hall knew and we would always mess with him saying yeah its shark week and he would freak out and tell us he didn't need to know that XD