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"I want to speak to the manager" been there done that >=)

I want to speak to the manager

26 Times Canada Roasted America So Well You Can’t Even Be Mad

26 Times Canada Roasted America So Well You Can't Even Be Mad <Cant be man, I'm English

Beaches – Expectations vs Reality [Must Watch]

Oh my word.I have never seen anything so accurate in my life. Just a few reasons not to like the beach. I LOVE the IDEA of the beach. But the sad reality of the beach is just that.

What happens every single month:<< omg accurate as fudge! You can be new fan without being a fake fan.. They gotta find out about them sometime and just because it wasn't from the being doesn't mean they're fake.. But if they don't even like their music or their personality's and only like them for their looks then that is a fake fan.

21 Truths All Women Will Understand

In the way guy… New meme is coming, prepare!

in the way guy- Dump a day funny pictures. Don't know why this is so hilarious haha

I'm not like that, but most people I know are xD

When Women Talk About Colours Well, yeah, it’s all black 🤷🏽‍♀️

10 Funny Spider Memes Today!#4 The Next Step Is: Burn The House!

10 Fresh Memes: Using The Toilet At Your Friend's Home.

The first one When you act sweet and then you trust them enough to show the real you