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Funny bathroom doors

"Found this at a local breakfast place" HILARIOUS! Sausage and Eggs

Palm tree

Today's WWJD Xmas tip: NEVER put Christmas lights on a palm tree. I shouldn't have to explain why.


Funny Pictures – 61 Pics chicken crossing the road

Only logical thing to do.

Okay, this is really not helping with the irrational fear I already had of getting bitten by a spider in my shoe. I need a spider proof shoe rack.

I would definitely grab the camera haha

These pictures of kids wreaking havoc on their parents' lives will make you rethink having children.

Kids are horrifying.

"When you have two small children at home and you come back into the room to see this, it is like seeing the Raptor cage torn in Jurassic Park." - this works for dogs too!

Dear girls who go tanning, it's called "sunkissed" not "Dorito raped"

Now, this is REALLY GOOD...

Hehe nerd jokes are the best x) 26 Jokes That Only Geeks Might Find Funny: What do you get when you put root beer in a square glass?

This is beautiful. I'm not OCD, but I can appreciate standing there for four minutes trying to decide!!

My OCD is being tested…

Hardest OCD decision EVER! This is so me at the gas pump. Must be on the dollar.😱 I can't handle it!