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In the heart of Kyoto sits the unique O House, created by Hideyuki Nakayama Architecture.

O House by Hideyuki Nakayama

Located in the ancient japanese city of Kyoto, the O house by Hideyuki Nakayama architecture is a kind of lean-to structure extending from a main

Pretty White Indoor Spiral Staircase Design Idea with Beautiful Tree Decals on White Baluster and Triangle Shaped Steps a part of under furniture

Rainbow spiral staircase by designer Ab Rogers in a London home

These rainbow spiral stairs add some color to this London home. Designed by Ab Rogers Design . Photography by John Short.- seen on: 7 Inspiring Examples Of Rainbow Stairs //

Book shelves on all sides of curving staircase! My new dream library to save a room in the house!

Flashback: Casa Do / Cazú Zegers - Chile

Flashback: Casa Do / Cazú Zegers

Years ago I had a dream about a downstairs office from the master via a spiral staircase. Don't love the execution, but happily remember my dream as a result of this image. Flashback: Casa Do / Cazú Zegers

At the end of the hall was a spiral staircase. It was old and made of wood, but still held together. They could either go down or up. Down seemed like the smartest decision, but something felt like it was pulling them up like a hand taking hold of them, lifting them up. -Dani Mdna

Pinner before:secret places.totally going to have a secret hallway with a secret staircase, leading to a secret room in my home. Don't know what I'll use it for, but I'm definately going to have one!

striped colorful stairs  #KBHomes

Stylish stair carpet ideas and inspiration. So you can choose the best carpet for stairs.Quality rug for stairs, stairway carpets type, etc.

Wonderfully designed Gothic styled stairs

Art Nouveau ~~ Lviv House of Scientists, Lviv, Ukraine - 1887 - Architects: Fellner & Helmer, Vienna - Baroque architecture, also known as the Viennese neo-Renaissance style by Gloria Segura

Lumber Shaped-Box House / Atelier Riri

Gallery of Lumber Shaped-Box House / Atelier Riri - 15

Das Santambrogio Milano Glas Häuser Leben ohne Grenzen

By using glass for stairs it help makes the room feel more open and modern - Joanna Mitchell clear steps - not really a bedroom idea, but it leads to the bedroom and is really pretty so.