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pretty much everyone that ive ever known and thats why everyone hates me :-))

honestly i have because i really like hurting myself physically and emotionally for some reason because it’s going to end up terrible either way :^))))

Talk about having your glass half full. This list shows us that anything can be turned into a positive. The ability to see the positive is completely

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The power of positive words & positive psychology. Change your weaknesses into strengths, your self talk from negative into positive characteristics. And when speaking about anyone else always use positive reframes!

Hero Dying For The Villian

Christian hip hop artists' lyrics laid out in graphic posters. I'm just thinking that this would be a fascinating story prompt

That actually is a really good idea though XD>>> there are a lot of cemeteries in my area... I need to do this

Not a bad idea :D<<now how to convince my mom to take me to the cemetery<<or just mash things together and create a COMPLETELY new last name that doesn't exist

After realizing Harrison Ford is trending after saving a woman.Thank god it’s nothing sexual. Laugh your self out with various memes that we collected around the internet.

If you want to use this metaphor, use it for the “not all men” argument.

If you want to use this metaphor, use it for the “not all men” argument.<<<maybe don’t use the argument at all bc it’s rly ignorant :)

I am both but since I have so much to do I forget my ideas for my books and only write a few pages,, Im 12 Btw

LMAO I am litterally both lol, I actually write stories and poems, lol so yah I can actually see the me in both of these descriptions<<<SAME. I just turn into the first one between poetry lol.

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sheisrecovering: “Men don’t need muscles to be beautiful.