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Australian Shepard/ corgi mix

Australian Shepard/ corgi mix - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!


These adorable Corgi planter pots are perfect for herbs, succulents, small flowers, and whatever else you can think of! Made of high quality resin they will last a long time and will not rust or weath

You are my sunshine  #dog #dogquotes #inspiration

This is so cute and heart warming if your a dog lover save this! I love my dog and I never wanna lose him. Treat ur dogs right love them and they won't bite they will love u back.

40 things that make Corgis happy. My corgis love many of these things, especially: roadtrips, getting hugs, giving hugs, eating PB out of the jar, dressing up, and running through freshly cut grass

40 Things That Make Corgis Happy

Funny pictures about Special delivery. Oh, and cool pics about Special delivery. Also, Special delivery photos.

How precious. I have always loved Corgi's and their little munchkin legs.

The only thing cuter than a corgi is a corgi puppy. I want this puppy.when I agree to get a puppy!

Corgis are the cutest dogs in the world! Omg but actually!! Pippa this made me laugh out loud in delight!!

13 Reasons Corgis Make Excellent Employees

Corgis are the cutest dogs in the world! Pippa this made me laugh out loud in delight!

i just rolled my eyes and left. she wanted me to admit she was right pero i didnt say a word.

Ear High.

I want a corgi. I want a corgi. I want a corgi.

Namma teacher lesson kodukuran pola.. pavam makka

The dog will be calm in regards to the home, normally, for as long as they've been exercised. This may be confusing initially, but when the dog barks, quickly reward them with the treat