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Jungkook ❤ BTS 'Not Today' MV~ 총 조준 발사! #BTS #방탄소년단

Jungkook ❤ BTS 'Not Today' MV~ 총 조준 발사! #BTS #방탄소년단

Dammit BigHit. First BTS Run in No More Dream and now young Forever on Jungkook during Run promotions...

I remember watching this and ARMY's in the comments section were all ready freaking out. that was last year.

I don't think he's handsome though. He's cute. Handsome is different from cute. That's his charm.

Hobi is amazing and he deserves to be treated better.No,He is not my bias,but he is and amazing dancer,singer and rapper.He should be treat the same way the other members do.