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Ignore the gif- I just adore Mal's hair!

I Love the Purple color on Dove's hair,purple rocks on one part of her hair,and fully on her hair.

Captain hook❤️❤️

Once Upon A Time - Hook. Yes he certainly has me hooked. Me and Hook are hooked to each other

once upon a time the l The last scene of the season OUAT

Once Upon a Time Season Finale Closing Shots 〖 Once Upon a Time season finale screenshot 〗

Ansioso por mais ONCE UPON A TIME? Sinopse do primeiro episódio de 2013: http://www.minhaserie.com.br/novidades/9749-sinopse-de-the-cricket-game-o-proximo-episodio-de-once-upon-a-time

Sinopse de “The Cricket Game”, o próximo episódio de Once Upon a Time

Omg I want this soo bad for my birthday!!

Fashion Necklace Pendant Once Upon a Time Rumplestiltskin Dagger Cosplay Fan New Now I just need one that says Emma swan on it.

Once upon a time Storybook, Henry's Book, OUAT, Notebook, Magic, Fantasy, Fairy tale, Storybrook, Evil Queen, Rumpelstiltskin, The Dark One

Once upon a time Book // Notebook // Henry's Storybook // OUAT


Uncle Diaval by Ski-Machine - maleficent<-- I totally shipped them. Like, I thought he was going to wake up Aurora at the end.

Once Upon a Time - Fairytale Jewelry - OUAT ABC Inspired Charm Bracelet


Once Upon a Time Tv Show OUAT ABC Inspired by LoveForAchilles, Holy cow monkeys, that's quite awesome!

I am a Oncer!

I am a Oncer! There is nothing left to say, this is literally the most amazing description in the entire planet Earth!

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Once Upon a Time Seasons 1-4 DVD Set

Once Upon a Time Seasons 1-6 Set on DVD

Once Upon a Time Seasons DVD Set. I do and I love every single episode who couldn't.