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Astronaut James B. Irwin, lunar module pilot, gives a military salute while standing beside the deployed United States flag during the Apollo 15 lunar surface extravehicular activity (EVA) at the Hadley-Apennine landing site.

Apollo 11 crew.

These Apollo 11 Mission Photos Will Transport You Back To A Remarkable Day In History. The Apollo 11 crew relaxes during training on May

A television camera and several other pieces were taken from Surveyor 3 and brought back to Earth for scientific examination. Here, Apollo 12 moonwalker, Pete Conrad, examines the Surveyor’s TV camera before detaching the gear.

November Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean grasps the Surveyor 3 TV camera (on Moon since to return it to Earth.

Apollo 11 Lunar Landing: It's been more than 40 years since man walked on the moon. Learn some details for the crew, the flight and the landing phase of the Apollo 11 lunar expedition.

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How the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Worked (Infographic) NASAs Apollo 11 mission landed the first astronauts on the moon on July See how it worked.

NASA has just posted thousands of photos taken by Apollo astronauts during their visits to the moon

Thousands of high-res Apollo mission photos just went online

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I came across this library of pretty amazing, high-res images from the Apollo 17 moon mission.

Apollo 11 Launch July 16, 1969.

Father and son observe Apollo 11 launch, the spaceflight which landed the first humans, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, on the Moon on July 1969 ~ photograph by Ralph Crane