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Großes Comb Regal - Schwarz - alt_image_three

The Comb is a modern wooden bookshelf with spherical geometry design that presents your book collection in a great style! Enjoy its creative design!

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Corner Tree Shelf by Abhinav Dapke, ‘The Corner Tree’ is placed at the corner of the room & shares the adjacent vertical faces of the walls of the room. The zigzag & fluid form of this design is an interpretation of the growth of the tree.

WEB Bookcase for Poliform Varenna Daniel Libeskind 2014

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. Best DIY Furniture & Shelf Ideas 2017 / 2018 Daniel Libeskind bookcase for Varenna -Read More -

Håkan Johansson founded the Swedish company Zweed. One of its most innovative lines is Citti, a flexible and modular system that offers their clients a storage unit tailored to their requirements. What's great about this concept is that you have the option of choosing the size, depth, configuration, finishes and colors that best suit your home.


Wondering what kind of shelves to make yourself or purchase? We've shared 25 Inspiring Cube Shelves ideas for you. Cube shelves for your home, office and bedroom.

27 Contemporary Plywood Furniture Designs - ArchitectureArtDesigns.

27 Contemporary Plywood Furniture Designs

Une bibliothèque sans angle pour un rendu tout en courbes tendres

Love these bookshelves inspired by Moroccan tiles! Would make a great statement living room piece! (Website in French).Jennifer u all need these in your office,for ALL the books u have

Etajere  Geometrically intriguing overlapping shelves. modern look.

Nice concept, but I would use multiple stains, not paint colors.

Translation: Swedish designer Tove Greitz designed to hide the stool, but also a storage box, but to open it, we have the right to move these small pieces of wood, oh.

Ted's Woodworking Plans Diy Puzzle Lock Box More Get A Lifetime Of Project Ideas & Inspiration! Step By Step Woodworking Plans

REGALSYSTEM "FRANK" VON OLIVER SCHÜBBE Oliver Schübbes Regal "Frank" besteht aus beliebig kombinierbaren Einzelelementen aus recycelten Span- und Tischlerplatten, Sperrholz und Hartfaserplatten. Schübbe produziert "Frank" gemeinsam mit der Herforder Recyclingbörse in Serie, was das Regalsystem bezahlbar macht. Ein Element ist zum Preis von jeweils 19 Euro zu haben. www.ecomoebel.de

Schöne Recyclingmöbel mit Design

Small house folding interior - Busyboo

Small House Folding Interior - Japanese designers Atelier OPA created a unique set of products, which are perfect for small spaces. Includes a mobile home office, a small kitchen, and a guest room (pictured). When not in use, fold your furniture away.

Linger A Little Longer, by Jay Watson, uses a thermochromic finish to respond to the heat of objects and people, bringing to light the impact of the user on his furniture.

pinned MORE FOR the TABLE & BENCH style the the heat sensitive paint. "Linger A Little Longer" Table by Jay Watson, uses a thermochromic finish to respond to the heat of objects and people, bringing to light the impact of the user on his furniture.