Look at the detail in this picture! You can literally see the chandelier's reflection in Elsa's eyes!


Frozen / Disney Art / Princess- OH MY GOODNESS! She even has her little doll that looks like Anna D: this is so sad

Elsa's hair has so much details! I actually noticed this the first time i watched it

I actually noticed this the first time i watched it Disney doesn't miss a thing

Did anyone else notice that the sword started breaking just before it actually hit Anna's hand? As if her act of true love was radiating outward before her heart thawed?

Frozen~Anna turning to ice.notice how the sword freezes before it touches her, that's how cold she was with a frozen heart

gifs frozen - Buscar con Google

The thing that kills me about this scene, aside from the visible pain you can see so clearly on Anna and Elsa’s faces, is that Elsa probably thinks that leaving would be best for Anna deep down.

A really cute happy Princess Anna. I love how they even pronounce her name right and everything :)

Disney Frozen Anna picture - I love how Anna's clasp is two hearts: one for her, and one for Elsa