Henri Matisse ~ Spanish Woman: Harmony in Blue

Espagnole- Harmonie en bleu (Spanish Woman- Harmony in Blue) by Henri Matisse (French

Henri Matisse - Interior with a Young Girl (Girl Reading), 1906.

Interior with a Young Girl (Girl Reading), Henri Matisse (French, Oil on canvas. // Matisse’s daughter Marguerite sits quietly, absorbed in a book—depicted with bold marks and vivid, planes of opposing and often complementary colors.

Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse

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In modern art, fauvism has made a major impact which though short lived having its origins in the early part of the twenty first century. It started with the friendship between artists who believe that the colors

Matisse Interior in Nice 1920. Stolen 1987 restored 2013 Another favorite

Henri Matisse (French, "Interior at Nice," 1919 or 1920 Oil on canvas 52 x 35 in. x cm)

The Woman in Yellow - Henri Matisse 1923

♪ The Musical Arts ♪ music musician paintings - Henri Matisse / La Femme En Jaune

Confidence, 1922 (oil on canvas), Matisse, Henri (1869-1954)

Confidence, 1922 (oil on canvas), Henri Matisse. I like the title, though I'm not sure who or what in the picture it refers to! Maybe just a general air of confidence.

Henri Matisse and his cat...

Henri Matisse in Bed Working, His Black Cat at His Feet, Nice, France. August 1949 photo by Robert Capa

Henri Matisse The Silence Living in Houses 1947

processes: “ lessons-in-fortification: “Henri Matisse The Silence Living in Houses 1947 ” “ hadn’t stumbled upon this title before– reminds me of some personal writings i had a professor once, who.