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I really wish there had been more about Adam... I think it'd be amazing for Sam and Dean to have another brother to look after...

"Point of No Return" Poor Adam

Supernatural- Winchester humor

Sam: "So what kind of thing likes virgins and gold?" Dean: "P." Sam: "You know, it's comforting." Dean: "What's that?" Sam: "I died for a year, came back, and you're still not funny." Dean: "Shut up, I'm hilarious." - Supernatural "Like a Virgin"

So we know the reason behind the samulet, what about the ring and the bracelet???

Dean gots the bling bling!

That's… that's just… yeah

Supernatural Funny - That awkward moment when the demon that killed your family is nicer than your own father. <---- didn't Kevin encounter a similar situation with demon Dean and Sam being too nice to him?

Basically. Luci and Michael and Sam and Dean.

Yep, that about sums it up

Have you noticed that jensen stays all professional about it and jared just cracks up halfway through it

Dat head snap at the end doe.(GIF) --> I love how Jared is doing the same thing in the b/g <-- Yaaaass, werk it you sexy man beasts

Supernatural by Season (Seven)

The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo - She's kinda like the little sister I never wanted. - Charlie Bradbury, Sam and Dean Winchester, Supernatural

Sam's temporary ownership of the impala

The state of the Impala the various times Dean dies.

Awww... poor Adam. Seriously. For as family loyal they are, it seems unreal they have forgotten poor Adam.

ADAM IS NOT IN HELL THOUGH! So I saw this thing the other day and that said when lucifer killed micheal and then micheal came back he didn't bring Adam back too just like when Cas died the first time Jimmy Novak died! SO ADAM IS IN HEAVEN!

Ha! 'once in a while' suuuure... supernatural NEVER does anything meta;) Its not like they did a whole episode set in a fictional version of real life, where the actors were playing a fictional version of themselves.. playing a character.. playing a fictional version of themselves, No, nothing like that...

Funny pictures about So the Supernatural writers like to have fun once and a while. Oh, and cool pics about So the Supernatural writers like to have fun once and a while. Also, So the Supernatural writers like to have fun once and a while.