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조금 더 다양해진 코 그리는 방법 자료! 성냥같은 기본틀을 아래처럼 다듬으면 다양한 코를 연출할 수 있대요. 이번엔 예시그림에 눈 위치까지 붙어 있어서 더 편하겠네요 (^▽^)o #코 #자료 #Pinterest

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Sorry I took so long to answer this–I wanted to do something more in-depth over just a ‘ok draw a circle now MAKE IT AWSUM.’ I also tried to recall from other tutorials stuff in them I.

losthitsu: Suits tutorial - translation

So you have a hard time drawing a character's shoes, eh? This tutorial shows step-by-step how to draw a realistic-looking shoe.


Poses Tutorial, by elixirmy on deviantART. >> Shows how to draw your anime/manga character in different poses.

Several shoulder references

Problem with drawing arm and body . How to draw torso, shoulder and arm together. Here is a BASIC video tutorial of how to draw a torso .