Qrow's scythe concept

Qrow's scythe concept

Jaune- Henceforward- OH MY GOSH AMAZING COMIC!!!!!!! READ IT!

“Jaune - Henceforward” Wow, this is an awesome redesign of Jaune Arc.

02 - 'HNNGGHHH!!' by *VnixxiR on deviantART, the power of pure adorableness

Haha, Ruby could get out of so much trouble with her puppy eyes. And her kick-butt sister.

Name: Cole Ratell Colour: Coal Black Emblem: Ornate top view of his weapons Emblem Location: Located on the back of his jacket Race: Honey Badger Faunus - Teeth Chosen Theme Song: www.youtube.com/w...

Yet another RWBY OC Commission from and spoiler alert, EVEN more are coming. >: D RWBY belongs to Roosterteeth and Monty Oum Naasir Al-Neith bel. RWBY - Naasir al-Neith

RWBY OC - Elleon Blackgate by beastking1234.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Name: Elleon Blackgate Age: 19 Gender: male Appearance: hair is like xemnas but shorter and black, brown skin, red eyes scar from first grim attack &nbs.