Coffee and cigars is my combo I choice until I can drink Scotch.

Coffee and cigars is my combo I choice until I can drink Scotch. I said when I was younger in the Army married and away from home I grew up! That was over 45 years ago I still drink coffee but I also like Scotch with my cigars.

Cigar & Great Scotch

"Love is an exploding cigar we willingly smoke!" (Quote By: Lynda Barry.

JOYA Black

JOYA Black

The relaxing way to take in a Saturday morning.

He always saw him as a wise man and hopes when he smokes a cigar (his father's favourite type) and drinks coffee to hope he can think like him when he has an importan dessicions

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Luxury Cigars... I want to try the Cohiba Comador!!! That'll be a nice birthday gift! Hint... Hint...

I haven't smoked a cigar in YEARS. I used to LOOOOOOOVE them, but my husband doesn't smoke, and I stopped because of the health angle. But one cigar a year won't kill me, and I am having one on my damn birthday.

Drink and cigars ♥✤ | Keep Smiling | BeStayBeautiful

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