Yale University Art Gallery event-calendar covers DESIGN FIRM Yale University Art Gallery (New Haven, CT) CREATIVE DIRECTOR/ART DIRECTOR/DESIGNER Christopher Sleboda DESIGNERS Kazunari Hattori, Ahn Sang Soo, Michael Bierut and Jessica Svendsen, Sulki & Min, Justin Fines, Matthew Carter, Olimpia Zagnoli, Mark Owens, Peter Buchanan-Smith and Pablo Delkan, Roel Wouters, MetahavenClick to Close

Regional Design Annual: Print's Yearly Design Competition & Awards

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Design by Julian Bittiner: Typography Summer School is a meeting place for graduates of graphic design, wanting to bridge the gap between student and professional and learn more about typography.

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Poster for Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften Berlin (Long Night of Science Berlin) designed by Jonas Lindström. “ “The poster plays with the aesthetics of scientifical formulas, plays with various.

Yale School of Architecture poster series - Yve Ludwig Graphic Design

cafcaf: Lectures, Symposium, and Exhibitions, Spring 2008 Designed by Michael Bierut and Yve Ludwig (Pentagram) Retrospective: Pentagram and Yale School of Architecture