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Anatomy of the Spitfire Cockpit

Here is an opening in the fuselage frame no. 8 in front of the cockpit to allow for the cabling from the throttle quadrant to pass through. The black cables are electrical, while the brass-coloured pipes belong to the pneumatic system

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The section of the port cockpit wall between the door opening and the instrument panel. The rectangular box to the right is the radio channel selector. Aft of it is the circular camera indicator, and above it, cockpit illumination lamp.

Blohm und Voss P-208 https://www.pinterest.com/docaviation/blohm-und-voss/

The Blohm & Voss was a prototype of a propeller-powered interceptor designed by Blohm & Voss for the Luftwaffe towards the end of the Third Reich in the Second World War.

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21 cockpits d'avions

Ryan NYP "Spirit of St. Louis" Cockpit in Boeing Milestones of Flight Hall (Smithsonian)