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Im really proud

Now won the Billboard Coming to America for possible music award and going on the Ellen show My boys are growing up so fast

Maybe he made it into his child.

Wtf Namjoon be looking like he holding his newborn child

Yes- trying to be a good oppa to 4 sons and a loving eomma is hard.

Poor bunny. XD

Af hahahaha Jin is like a fashionista or a model for some reason 😂😂😂

Not only do friends take pictures of you while you're sleeping, they also make sure to take them from unflattering angles XD

BANGTAN CAN SLEEP ANYWHERE: a masterpost these fools can sleep literally anywhere so without further ado i give you… bangtan sleepyeondan [[MORE]] they sleep a lot and for some reason their management.

BTS| Well then, jimin u should start eating that, and suga...just no

Im Laughing @ Yoongi's reaction :Yoongi be judging Jimin from his scalp to freaking palm of his feet.