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I used to work for a farmer who had timber wolves and other kinds too,it was cool.

This wolf is ready to play. A domesticated dog will pose the same stance as this wolf when wanting to play


Wolf eating a watermelon. This is awesome. Our wolf-dog LOVED watermelon. We used to throw the rinds into the forest and she would fetch and devour them.

is it a bird is it a plane...? by ~Yair-Leibovich on deviantART  Look at the eyes...wow!

Wolves are beautiful creatures, but they should not have to give up their beauty for you. Yes, fur coats are warm, but they can be replaced with faux fur instead. Wolves and other animals shouldn't have to have their fur taken away for you.

Wolf Love

Wolves are and forever will be the most beautiful animals on earth. They carry so much wisdom and strength in their eyes. It is truly stunning.

A good pose, although he looks like he is walking and I want him to be standing at attention.

I wish I could have a wolf living with me.and I would call him Kiba, Kai for a boy or juniper or Rhyna for a girl